It indicates that the portfolio/stock’s return is as same as the market return or almost close to it. Answer: (d) no value of x Hint: Given complex number = sin x + i cos 2x Conjugate of this number = sin x – i cos 2x Now, sin x + i cos 2x = sin x – i cos 2x ⇒ sin x = cos x and sin 2x = cos 2x {comparing real and imaginary part} ⇒ tan x = 1 and tan 2x = 1 Now both of them are not possible for the same value of x. Any value or values for a variable that make an equation or inequality true. If confidence intervals for the results of individual studies (generally depicted graphically using horizontal lines) have poor overlap, this generally indicates the presence of statistical heterogeneity. ... A number of the form a + bi where a and b are real numbers and i² = -1; The set of complex numbers is designated by C. Imaginary Number. So, the I2 index is similar to an intraclass correlation in cluster sampling (Higgins & Thompson, 2002). We set j to an initial value of i² (9) and cross that number out. graph. Given the high coexistence of anxiety symptoms in people with alcohol use disorder (AUD), we aimed to determine the influence of anxiety symptoms on o… It was then defined as a relative ratio to that (1Æ00) of PHA-stimulated MNC (relative units). 2 See answers jimrgrant1 jimrgrant1 Answer: 5i. Networking Objective type Questions and Answers. Find the value of i + i² + 1³ + 1⁴ - 27054962 a person brought a load of bags towards a weighing machine & measured the weights of the bags in a partiy order . The Industry Innovation Program (I²) provides commercialization support for companies developing innovative life science technologies in British Columbia (BC). Step-by-step explanation: Using the rule of radicals × ⇔ i² = - 1 ⇒ i = Given = = × × = 5i. Beta value 1: It is a situation where the portfolio’s returns are in line with the market return. 840060 840060 Answer: Step-by-step explanation: In order to solve this question we need to know how to multiply roots. Therefore it seems questionable to interpret statistical heterogeneity, measured in terms of I² and depending on precision, as clinical heterogeneity. Instead of changing their values to a string, we can change them to the number 1: And now, we’re faster than most! value itself, and multiplied by 100. A number of the form bi where b is a real number, i² = -1. The I2 index can be interpreted as the percentage of the total var iability in a set of effect sizes due to true heterogeneity, that is, to between -studies variability. cytokine gene in cells, the value of each cytokine gene expression was divided by that of the internal control, rRNA. For a constant heterogeneity (τ), the availability of smaller or larger studies (with correpondigly differing standard errors associated) would affect the I² measure; so the actual interpretation of an I² value … A directory of Objective Type Questions covering all the Computer Science subjects. Life sciences includes the biological aspects of industry challenges in the key economic sectors of Agrifood, Energy, Mining, Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Forestry, and Health. (d) no value of x. Results: While for increasing precision estimates of tau² vary only randomly, the values of I² increase rapidly to nearly 100%. Answer. All analyses were carried out in duplicate samples and were repeated for confirmation. 9.5.2 Identifying and measuring heterogeneity. Statistical analysis. In the case of Phase Modulation (PM), the value of beta (β) is Lower Greater 0 Infinity. It is important to consider to what extent the results of studies are consistent. first he weighed three bags indi … When simplified, what is the value of 175, if i2 = – 1. It means that the security’s price moves in almost the same proportion of the market movement.

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