Overview; Gallery; Names; Classification; Records; Literature; Sequences; Data Partners + Online Resources. 1753. Lathyrus latifolius L. Images from the web. Der Boden sollte locker und mäßig nährstoffreich sein. L~~rnk,- la d to m i tra lo lecon aleH abana, 16nd r dUL NIie br de~j 1954. Ursprünglich stammte die Stauden-Wicke aus Mittel- und Südeuropa, ist in Deutschland aber mittlerweile eingebürgert. Versandkosten. Lathyrus latifolius L. Synonyms. Lathyrus sylvestris L. subsp. Lathyrus pratensis: stems without conspicuous wing-angles, flowers 10-15 mm long, and legumes 20-50 mm long (vs. L. latifolius, with stems conspicuously winged, flowers 18 … Lathyrus latifolius tolerieren sonnige und halbschattige Standorte. THE INSECT PEST SURVEY BULLETIN A periodical review of entomological conditions throughout the United States issued on the first of each month from March to December, inclusive. Threat status Europe: Least Concern (IUCN) The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species. C« ment-Louisviile, 92 60 wholesale; 93 OO __ re I I —AO KA WA* A. I I latent* Step Ladders for fruit ptck!n« and house cleaning. : Lathyrus clymenum: Letzter Beitrag: 23 Feb. 16, 19:07: Encyclopedia of Life (EOL):Lathyrus clymenumSpanish Vetchling Wikipedia (EN):Lathyrus clymen… 0 Antworten: red pea - die Kicher-Platterbse, wiss. Lathyrus latifolius L. – perennial pea Subordinate Taxa. Lathyrus latifolius, the perennial peavine, perennial pea, broad-leaved everlasting-pea, or just everlasting pea, is a robust, sprawling herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae.It is native to Europe but is present on other continents, such as North America and Australia, where it is most often seen along roadsides. The record derives from ILDIS (data supplied on 2010-07-14) which reports it as an accepted name (record 7761 ). Lathyrus / ˈ l æ θ ɪ r ə s / is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family Fabaceae, and contains approximately 160 species.Commonly known as peavines or vetchlings, they are native to temperate areas, with a breakdown of 52 species in Europe, 30 species in North America, 78 in Asia, 24 in tropical East Africa, and 24 in temperate South America. I Johnny Van Itccit writes to a friend In this tiy-that he will come Last In a few we eks end Issue a challenge to lltlit cuij 118 or 12'.' 10 Samen Wohlriechende Edelwicke Cuthbertson Kenneth blutrot 'Lathyrus odoratus' Wicke rankend Original N.L. Chrestensen Erfurter Saatgut; Inhalt: reicht für ca. Quick facts. Synonyms: See "Status", "Confidence level", "Source" for definitions. The Plants Database includes the following 2 subspecies of Lathyrus latifolius . vn lie lotto' tec I m that both men could not agree on the w nghi o 'il 11. Blooming all summer, if not allowed to go to seed, the attractive blossoms are borne on winged stems clad with paired, blue-green leaflets bearing tendrils. Lathyrus latifolius L. Broad-leaved Everlasting-pea species Accepted Name authority: UKSI Establishment means: Non-native Establishment status: GB Establishment Status - Established. Family. Lathyrus. A mVa D oispen po p ci i t impad ot "ah co Iddcc altai ai ditisc tu todi tl rliank asci irn i ar A i A tt a c n a 0 lo c ten tia i i P tl e N rn iloi c- trtrtr to A a ti ct an e'lsilt at t 'i radt u Itt tU~ o a l rg inoo na ppoaodnncs lr o a t xw' n i ec o i tr i k at. : 51020-101 9 cm Topf (0.5 l) Stück. Published In: Species Plantarum 2: 733. monte Baliagora , ultra Cracoviam, & in Carpathiis montibus tradi- tur reperiri. 30 Pflanzen; reichblühende Sommerblume mit herrlichem Duft; weitere Anbauhinweise finden Sie auf der Rückseite der Packung (siehe zweites Foto). Staudenwicken, Mischung, Lathyrus latifolius, ca. Neben den einjährigen Duftwicken, ist es die ausdauernde, romantisch-rosa blühende Gartenwicke Lathyrus latifolius 'Weiße Perle' – Stauden-Wicke. Staudenwicken Prachtmischung Mischung Wicke rankend Lathyrus latifolius winterhart mehrjährig Original N.L.Chreestensen; Inhalt: reicht für ca. Bohemian and Fancy (xtxtds, filch as Vases. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Table aud Pockt*t Cut erj in serat variety. Lathyrus latifolius L. Details; Images (28) Synonyms (1) References (21) Homonyms (2) Subordinate Taxa; Specimens; Distributions (37) Chromosome Counts (18) Group: Dicot Rank: species Kind: Name of a new Taxon Herbarium Placement: Lehmann, mid, I, 128 Authors: Linnaeus, Carl von . In. Genus Lathyrus can be annuals or herbaceous or evergreen perennials, mostly climbing, with pinnate leaves ending in a tendril, and showy pea-like flowers, fragrant in some species Details L. latifolius is a vigorous climbing herbaceous perennial to 2m, with winged stems and … Native Introduced Native and Introduced. latifolius Bonnier & Layens. Sugar Cure«l Hams—12J4e wholesale; 15c Lime—Wholesale, shipping, *1 06; retail ti 15 f bbl; bulk W/ffi per bushel. Lathyrus latifolius Rosa Perle (Staudenwicke, Platterbse) wichtige Hummelnährpflanzen, super zum Beranken von Zäunen geeignet Lieferzeit: ab März 2021 7,00 % zzgl. Weniger lesen Allgemeine Informationen . l.airj Keeker has tiee 11 delimit off. Preis: 3,50 € ab 5 Stück 3,30 € ab 10 Stück 3,10 € inkl. bestellbar, lieferbar ab Frühjahr 2021 . across (2.5 cm). Plants Database (US Department of Agriculture):Lathyrus latifolius L.perennial pea The Teleg… 0 Antworten: Spanish vetchling - die Purpur-Platterbse, wiss. Tot let Sets, Motto C ups, Ac. 12 Pflanzen; Winterhart, weiße und rote Farbtöne. Defiçcat (iimmè, & ex præfcripto Galenit M atth ioli, Bra-fa vo li dyfenterias, catarrhos, putrdeentia ulcera oris tollit. MwSt. Produktinformationen Artikel-Nr. L U S ARMENIA, (bnatglcbam allatam ex Armenia, in re, eft fubftau-tia terrca, ex flavo pallidc rubicimda, vel alius coloris, ponderofa, pin-guis, friabilis. Lathyrus latifolius L. Lathyrus latifolius L. is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Lathyrus (family Leguminosae). Award-winner Lathyrus latifolius, commonly known as Everlasting Pea or Perennial Sweet Pea is a vigorous climbing perennial that produces racemes of 5-11 vibrant rose to white pea-like flowers, 1 in. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation broad leaved everlasting pea, broad-leaved everlasting pea, broad-leaved everlasting … Alle weiteren Anbauhinweise erhalten Sie auf dem zweitem Bild, direkt vom Hersteller ; Wohlriechende Edelwicke Cuthbertson Kenneth blutrot 'Lathyrus odoratus' Wicke rankend Original N.L. The main focus of the EUNIS species component is to provide relevant information about the European species protected by Directives, Conventions and Agreements. Fabaceae (Queensland, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory) Fabaceae: sub-family Faboideae (New South Wales) Leguminosae (South Australia) Papilionaceae (Western Australia) Common Names .

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