Hot 102.9, Dayton's Hottest Music Is Everywhere! Member Will Turner is the trap rapper coming out of Ohio that we’re most excited about. Several creative geniuses and talented performers started out in the heartbeat of America—and their skills have stretched far beyond Ohio. Dayton hasn’t been an Ohio hotspot for some time now, but the collective YOP is trying to change that by breaking into the music scene. Carter walked into the booth for the first time ever when he worked with the ensemble; unaware of how the end result was going to turn out for both parties. Noon Throwback For 1/12/21 . Ohio Governor Mike DeWine - COVID-19 Update . 34°F / 26°F . ... Rick Ross drops new Rap Snacks . Even one of the most legendary and iconic movie directors of all time, Steven Spielberg was born in the state of Ohio. 15 Awesome Famous People You Had No Idea Were From Ohio. Today's Business Of The Day . More Kev Nash . Kanye West was spotted in and around Dayton, Ohio with family members, which has fueled speculation that he will hold a special Sunday Service in honor mass shooting victims. Today . Noon Throwback For 1/13/21 . The most famous person from each county in Ohio CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Buckeye state has no shortage of celebrities. In the 1970s and 1980s, southwestern Ohio - particularly Dayton’s west side - was known for its stable of funk bands whose influence can be heard in hip-hop, house and other musical forms popular today. Famous people from Ohio including Jake Paul, Logan Paul, LeBron James, Alissa Violet, Stephen Curry and many more. ... Alexa Is Here! Hot 102.9 Weather . Snow . Ohio is famous for producing remarkable athletes such as LeBron James, Jack Nicklaus, and Cy Young as well. We went to the Internet Movie Database list of "Most Popular People Born In Dayton" for a look at some famous actors who are from the Miami Valley.This list, which contains 297 names, is … The band wanted to enlist a rapper into one of their songs during a recording session, and allowed Carter to step in. HOT 102.9 Business Of The Day . Shadowlife is a Dayton, Ohio based rock band that takes pride in playing a diverse mix of music genres to include: classic rock, 80s & 90s rock, modern rock, dance music, funk music, 80s hair bands, southern rock, country, hip hop, grunge, metal and anything in between. Presenting to you, a full-list of accomplishers who are from Ohio. Famous people from Dayton, Ohio including Tre Melvin, BigJigglyPanda, Cody Saintgnue, Nancy Cartwright, Shark Boy and many more.

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