People who are entitled to the EU Blue Card are the following: University graduates The same applies to your family members if their residence permit is tied to your Blue Card. The EU Blue Card is an EU-wide work permit which allows highly-skilled non-EU citizens to live and work in the EU.Besides that, it offers many other benefits to potential card holders that are quite attractive. Eligibility for the EU Blue Card Germany Are you Is you Bundesagentur für Arbeit Blue Card *) 2020 Salary requirement. Blue Card EU. In this article, you will know about the Blue Card & the work permit opportunity. Please note: The Blue Card will expire if you leave Germany for more than 12 months. The “EU Blue Card” is a single residence- and work permit. Pre-2020 blue card holders with running employment contract do not have to comply with new salary requirement. With our Work Permit Check you can get initial guidance on whether you as a foreign national need a work permit to be allowed to work in Germany and whether this work permit can be granted. It was the human resources team at my employer who informed me about the Blue Card and helped me obtain it. Does it make impossible getting bluecard because of education? Blue Card EU – the Work Permit for Germany came into effect in 2012. GERMAN WORK PERMIT BY ACADEMIC DEGREE AND SALARY (BLUECARD) The EU Blue Card is a new residence title for specific purposes in Germany since 2012. I have master degree as physicist. German Permanent Residence / Settlement Permit. In general, the Blue Card is valid in all EU-member states, except Denmark, Ireland, and the UK.Initially, it is issued for a limited period of four years at most. He likes Germany even more than me. It is a subject to origin and qualification of the applicant that determines which is the residence title that allows to work and reside in Germany… Fee : If you wish to study & work in Germany, the Blue Card is required. So which one do you choose and why? Getting a job offer before applying for the Blue Card is probably the most difficult part of the process. Your nationality is a determining factor for this question; for example, whether you are a European Union citizen or come from a non-EU state. As a student in Germany, after graduation you have two options either to apply for a work permit or apply to the new EU Blue Card that was introduced in 2012. 80500 04177 … Similarities: Allow you to work in Germany; When applied for independently, both are issued on the basis of demand for the profession in Germany. Since Germany followed the Brussels directive and reformed their immigraiton law, the new stay title is officially called the Blue Card EU. Temporary residence permit, EU Blue Card, Settlement permit, EU long-term residence permit; Applying for the single permit. The Blue Card is valid for 4 years, and you may bring your spouse with you, even if they don’t meet the above requirements. To be allowed to stay in Germany long-term, and to travel in and out of the country as you please, you’ll need a Settlement Permit. Nice if you can get it! I try find job in Germany as software developer. This is addressed to well-educated immigrants and has the aim to make Germany more attractive as a work place. The permit is linked to the holder, not the job. I looked this question: Blue Card vs Work Permit for IT Specialists but have some additional questions. In addition, I could easily arrange a residence and work permit for my husband as well.

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